Character Background Options


Backgrounds will represent the characters profession before becoming a hero, this could be the characters family profession.

- Fishermen
o Athletics, perception
o Tools – Navigation, Vehicle water
o Equipment – 10g , 50 feet of rope, fishing kit with hooks line and net
o Feature – has advantage for finding food and path finding in a coastal area.

- Solider
o Skills – Athletics, Intimidation
o Tools – Vehicles (land)
o Equipment – Insignia of rank, 15g
o Feature – see military rank phb

- Acolyte
o Skills – Insight, Religion
o Equipment – Holy symbol of god, 15g, Robes of Faith
o Feature – May seek shelter and provisions from the temples of there god.

- Farmer
o Skills – Nature, Animal Handling
o Tools – Vehicles (Land)
o Equipment – 5g , Provisions for 10 days, 50 feet of rope, Harvesters Kit with Sickle, Herb pouch, backpack.
o Feature – advantage to harvesting roles to gather plant life or from animals.

- Merchant
o Skills – Persuasion, Deception
o Languages – 2 of your choice
o Equipment – 20g , scales, Backpack, papers of membership to traders guild
o Feature – advantage to source rare goods from merchants and traders

- Blacksmith
o Skills – Insight, Athletics
o Tools – Blacksmith tools
o Equipment – Blacksmith tool kit with Hammer tongs and leather apron, 10g
o Feature – advantage to repair or create any metal objects.

- Leather worker
o Skills – Nature, Insight
o Tools – Leather worker tools
o Equipment – Leather working tool kit with Knives, tanning kit, needle and a spool of thread, 10g
o Feature – Advantage to repair or create leather objects.

- Diplomat
o Skills – Perception, Insight
o Launges – 2 of your choice
o Equipment – Travelers kit, 15g, papers of office with faction
o Feature – may seek audience with town leaders or nobles, has high standing within social interactions

- Noble
o Skills – History,Perception
o Equipment – 25g, Fine cloths, Family signet ring
o Feature – Retainers, 3 followers that can preform basic task of a none combat nature.

- Hunter
o Skills – Stealth, Survival
o Tools – Hunters Traps,
o Equipment – Survival pack, basic trap, 5g, skinning knife
o Feature – advantage to find food in forests and plains, advantage to harvest food from animals

- Thief
o Skills – Stealth, Slight of hand
o Tools – Lock picking kit
o Equipment – Thieves kit, 10g, 50 feet rope
o Feature – may find merchants willing to buy stolen goods and fence items as well as pay of bounty’s.

- Scout
o Skills – Stealth, Deception
o Tools – Vehicle Land
o Equipment – Survival Kit, Telescope, 10g
o Feature – Pathfinder , advantage to tracking and navigation

Character Background Options

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