Kraetos son of Hyperion

Kraetos Demi god Human Son of Hyperion


Tall Human male with heroic features Dark Black hair and Deep Blue Eyes. Main atire is a golden breastplate with red cloth and a golden helm.


Kraetos lead the charge out of the city of Akros that broke the 9 year siege from the Night born arimes. Kraetos claims to be the son of Hyperion titan god of Light. the night born crusade of Achaea also brought with it a darkness to the land, perpetual night which the scholars claimed was the doing of the primordial god Nyx goddess of night. upon Kraetos’s charge the nights hold was broken and helius returned to the sky.

Kraetos lead the army of Akros to liberate the other citys of Achaea which had fallen to the night born armies, bolstering his ranks with each liberated city.

Kraetos son of Hyperion

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