Racial Options

The races listed are jumping points to a bigger story, a concept if there is another that you would like to explore let me know but try to stay within the bounds of greek mythology and ancient mythology.

Spartan – Human Variant with Feat Martial Adept

Crete – Use base Human rules

Akros – Human Varient with Feat Savage Attacker

Children of the Ourea – Dwarf

Automations of Hephaestus – WarForged

Tharcian – Half Orc

Half Giant – Golitih

Elemental Spirt – Gernasi

Atlante – High Elf

Satyr – Gnome

Thessalians – eladrin

Setessa – wood elf


Meletis – Half – Elf

Nightborn – Teifling

Racial Options

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